My Team: creative types with a head for business!

If there is a geek aspect to my persona it is in
the area of internet technology research and
improving web presence. I confess my passion
is for finding out what’s current in technology
and how that can directly benefit my client,
creating sites that are efficient and visually
dynamic rather then just a trend.

Since my schedule is flexible, clients can reach me
usually on the first call (a novel accomplishment in
today’s world). For those clients that have an urge to
reach me in the evening, my doors don’t close at 5.

Clients never have to go through a maze of staff and
wait for an answer to a question. My business platform
bypasses organization complexity.

Whether a project requires, design, illustration, systems
analytics, or jump off the page graphs and charts, my
team players are the best in the industry, creative
types, but with a head for business.

By now you’re asking “How much!” Evaluation of your
needs with recommendations and options for a cost
effective and result-driven site comes to you in an
easy to understand proposal. Don’t like what you see,
we’ll do another draft.

Give a call, with any question, I’ll answer!