Writing blog posts is something really cool that you can do on a website like I am doing here. This is in addition to the regular static webpages like the rest of this site is composed of.

It is very advantageous to have a blog on your website because it encourages you to add fresh content regularly which is beneficial to search engine rankings.

For example, every time I make a new website, I can announce it here and give my own website here additional content that proves I build websites. It will also provide an outbound link to the new site and thereby help publicize the new site by giving it an inbound link that will help it in the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

If you had a blog on your website, you could write articles about news at your company, announce new products and services, company successes and awards and any other kind of great publicity for your company. Search engines will pick this up and be able to serve it up to potential customers who go searching for the kinds of products and services that you provide.

Here is an example: I recently made a fabulous website for a brilliant artist who is selling her art, prints and photos. Her name is Jan Regan and she lives in Clearwater, Florida. Here is a link to her new site: JanRegan.com

Fine Artist

Fine Artist

Now she has another great link to her site and I have relevant content on my site that improves both our search engine rankings! Yay! I’m also using a Keyword Plugin on this post that makes sure I make good use of relevant keywords for this post so it shows up well in search engines. Yay again.

When I make a site for you with these powerful tools, it will greatly enhance your position and power in the Internet and your marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at what a Blog posting page looks like here: http://stevelittler.com/news/

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