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No matter which of our services you choose we guarantee
stability, reliability, security and universal internet compatibility.

Custom Websites
Want something that is memorable yet effective for your
market needs?
A custom website should have a unique and memorable look,
inspired by something intrinsic about the company and its ser-
vices. It differs from a template site that has a generic look that
a number of other companies may be using.

Updating Your Current Website
Does your web site look dated, boring and missing important
If your site was created several years ago, it was probably cre-
ated with older web technology and looks like the style of that
time. Consider a “web lift.” Add new information and refresh
your web look with current technology. An update will enable
your site to run faster and smoother.

Add Pages to an Existing Website or Alter an Existing Page

Landing Pages
New Product Entry, Give Away Promotions, Contests, Event Promotion

Custom Blogs
Need to create a voice on the Internet, or just want to create
a following?
Blog designs can be integrated with your website design or
can be a stand alone blog.

Template Website
Are you on a tight budget but need something with style?
Our pre-designed templates are designed to give a custom
look and are programed with up to date web technology.

Facebook/Social Media Services
Facebook is the most popular example that allows you to easily update
what you are doing so your friends can keep up with you. It has huge
potential for marketing and promotion. Use social media for yourself or
promote an event, a company or a group.

Facebook Specialty Pages
Depending on your needs, we offer coaching, consultation and produc-
tion of pages for your social media. A Home page is the page you see
when you first log in to and it displays all
your friends’ Status Updates.

A Facebook Fan Page is a page you can create that describes yourself
as an artist/band/business/group/person of note, etc. It allows you
to share photos and videos and to create Event pages that Friends/Fans
can be invited to attend and they can confirm or decline on the page.

A Welcome Page is an additional page to your Fan Page, usually the first
page. It can have special programming added for extra snazzy things
like animation, video or a sign-up form to capture emails from your fans.
Group Page is a Fan Page for clubs or other groups.

Video/YouTube Site
Share your message with the world. Video sharing sites like YouTube
allow you to upload videos for free to share with the world or select for
private audiences. This makes for good advertising and allows tagging
and links back to your website which is good for search engine rankings.
If your video becomes popular and “goes viral,” many people will see it
and share it and increase your exposure to the world. You might have
millions of views and be featured on television.

Identity Capture Form- Consulting and Production
Have a web form on your site or page that people can fill out with their
email address, so you can capture their identity (email address). Identi-
ties are vital in marketing. This feature allows you to get them and then
use them in your marketing efforts.

This popular tool allows you to create a slide show that you can run on a
computer. It can run automatically or you can run it manually while you
read from it and interact with your audience. You can also save it as a
video file that can be run on your website or on YouTube.